That is how I greet people. 

Anyway, Assalamualaikum.

I don't know who you are, what's your intention and motive but, thanks. Welcome to my blog, where I write a crappy and shitty stuff about my life.

Oh ya. My name is Amirul Hanafi Bin Abdullah. I got several of nicknames including Ah'ba, Napi, Pipi and Amirul or Hanafi. I'm student of UniKL MIIT in Computer System Security field and I've got bunch of interest and skills.

I like to write and talk especially on something that I'm really into it such as politics, social critics, information technology, social media and stuff. I've few plan for my life yet none of them are achieved.

People used to call me Napi back then and everything changed when I came to UniKL. It just because I'm wearing "I'M AHBA" shirt, they lazy to ask for my name and call the named that written on that shirt immediately. What the fuck man.

I was born in Kajang, Selangor on 1st July 1993 and moved out to Kelantan year later and started my new life there with my tiny family member that included my mom and late grandma. Few year after my mom married to this Kelantanese guy and then pooof, my sister were born in 16th of September 1996. So yeah. Still tiny family because my mom got divorced around 2014? 2015? 2016? 2017? I don't remember because I don't give a fuck to him.

I 'graduated' with STPM-level in Economics in SMK Ketereh and pursue my study on Software Engineering in University of Selangor. But I fucked up, and quit from Unisel. Since I have to please my family in academic field, I apply random courses that offered by UniKL and poof, Imma computer security student baby!

I guess that's everything you need to know about me. More shitty life about me you're going to find it on my twitter account @amirulhanafy and my facebook profile Amirul Hanafi Bin Abdullah. I'm also active on Instagram @amirulhanafy to show off what I eat everyday. Check them out.

  Why the f* you write a blog?
Not your f*king business.

You're fat!

That's all.

Thanks, bro!